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About Us

So after scrolling through our reviews, you want to know something more about the team behind them? Great! Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Essay review blog by Phil Bredesen

Meet Phil – The One Who Started It

My name is Phil Bredesen, and I’m an ex college professor in history. I’m also an ex student and I’m pretty well aware of the struggles that academic writing imposes on all of you. No; I’m not one of those professors who used to struggle but forgot everything once they finished their studies. And no; I’m not one of the worse ones, who decide to put their students through the same kind of misery they once went through.

I’m one of those who try to help.

I know you need academic writing services and I’m helping you to choose the perfect ones for your needs.

Now that I’m no longer a college professor, there’s no collision of interests and I can help you go through this aspect of your studies in the best way possible.

I firmly believe that every student should write their own projects, but when you’re not able to do that, I don’t want you to go and waste money on scamming services.

That’s why I started this reviewing service, where you’ll find honest and reliable evaluations of many writing agencies.

Our Team

Phil is not alone!

He is accompanied by a team of former and current students, who have tried academic writing services and keep ordering papers online. They are willing to share their experience with other students. That’s what makes these reviews so valuable – the experience.

Our Mission

We strive to provide reliable, informative, and trustworthy reviews of academic writing services, which lead students to a proper purchase in this industry.

Our reviews are never biased. There is no writing service standing behind them. No one is paying us to review anything. These are reviews based on real experience.

The ranking process has a purpose to quantify the effect of a particular writing service, so you can realistically compare it with competitive websites.