How to Hire Essay Writing Service for Cheap

Is It Possible to Find a Good Essay Writing Service for Cheap?

Have you ever faced the need to purchase an essay online?

What was your first and most important requirement?

Let me speak for myself. When I decided to get my very first essay online, I was focused on a single thing: finding the cheapest essay writing service. And I mean – the cheapest possible.

So I placed an order at the website that offered the lowest rate per page (it was something around $7 if I remember well). And guess what: I never got the paper. I wrote one message to another to the imaginary customer support team, but never got a response. I didn’t bother contacting the bank to get this money back because it wasn’t a large investment. But what if someone orders a dissertation there? Can you imagine the complications?

Since then, I’ve been avoiding the cheapest services. I realized that getting quality was more important than getting the most affordable price. But still, I wasn’t ready to pay hundreds of dollars for a single essay. Some services promise the finest quality and set impossibly high prices. Let me tell you something: those are not the best ones, either.

The best writing services are somewhere in the middle. It is possible to get a high-quality cheapest essay if you get discounts. So for me, hiring an averagely-priced service and using a discount turned out to be the best strategy for ordering papers online.

How to Find and Hire an Affordable Writing Service

So how do you find these cost-effective websites that deliver great quality for a good price? I have few tips to share with you today:

  • First and foremost, you shouldn’t focus on the price. It’s one of the last factors to take into consideration. Before you get there, you should focus on a quality a particular service delivers.

  • When checking out different websites, these are the questions you want to get answered:

    • Are the essays written by professional writers? You want a writer with a degree in the specific area of study to cover this assignment. Otherwise, you won’t get good quality.

    • Is your privacy guaranteed? Check the policies! You have to make sure that the service will never distribute the same paper or publish it online.

    • Will you get 100% unique content? If there’s something like paraphrasing or rewriting in the offer of a service, you can’t be sure you’re getting original content even if that’s what you request and pay for.

    • Do you have access to a reliable 24/7 support department?

    • Is your type of service available? Maybe you need a very particular type of content that not all services deliver. You want to check the list, so you’ll make sure the company has a relevant professional writer in its team.

  • Once you have few services that meet your standards, you can check the prices and hire the most affordable one. You’ll notice that some of the cheap online writing services are actually very good ones! They offer average quotes per page accompanied with great discounts, especially for your first order. So the final price is much lower than expected.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Reviews

When you search well enough, you may end up with an affordable and reliable service. But I find it really difficult to evaluate a service just by looking. Sure; I will read the terms and conditions, compare features and prices and all that. But all these websites look too similar to one another. They offer the same services, have the same guarantees, and set similar prices. So that method usually takes me to a rather lengthy list of potential services to hire.

That’s how I realized that we need reviews, after all. We need them before picking a new book or item from Amazon, we need them before buying a new laptop… we always need reviews, don’t we? With the significant number of scamming writing services with cool websites out there, we need them even more in this situation.

So the lesson is: always read reviews! Other students already ordered papers from the sites you consider and they can share their impressions.

The Best Advice: Stick to the Average

Take this tip from my own experience: never go for the absolute cheapest or the most expensive. Those are the extremes I learned to stay away from.

A good writing service will set its prices around the average of $17 – $20 per page for the longest deadline. With a discount, that price drops at the checkout. If, for example, the price is $19 per page and you get a discount of 15%, you’re basically paying $16.15 per page.

And you don’t even need to do the math. Most writing services have convenient price calculators at their websites. Even if you don’t find such a feature, you’ll see the final (discounted) price in the order form before you wrap up the ordering process.